Our project

Enjivai Safaris and Volunteering Limited

It all started with the Enjivai Orphanage. Ishumael Dominick Mollel (called simple Babu by everyone), the director, created it in 2016 to develop less privileged children, orphans, widows and widowers welfare through capacitating families and community in general. 

Babu himself comes from the same district and he had not been lucky enough to get a good school education. Even as a young man, he had to earn his own living. That is precisely why he wanted to offer the children from his neighbourhood a way to make more of their lives. In Tanzania, too, a good job requires good education in order to gain a foothold in professional life. 

With all his money that he had, he began to build a house on his own property. It was enough for the first floor, in which he then opened his orphanage. Since the money was missing, the house remained in this condition for almost 3 years: the second floor in the shell and the roof was completely missing. There were always small donations from volunteers, so that more or less the most necessary things were taken care of.

In 2018, Babu received official certification and unrestricted registration for his orphanage, which is currently running as a half-day school. Registration includes annual reviews. The instructions and regulations must also be complied with.

In January 2019, Babu received support from an unexpected side: he met a Swiss woman who agreed to support him in his project. This enabled the roof to be completed and the second floor to be finished. Various additions could also be made and a wall could be erected around the property to ensure that the children and employees are safe.

Four years later, on March 2020, the Government granted the license as a tourist company. What does it mean? This means that from now on, Enjivai Safaris and Volunteering Limited can offer accomodation and touristic activities to people who want to see a more social side of Tanzania. All the resources obtained from these activities will go to the orphanage and the rural community behind.

The project is currently being led by Babu himself and Rita Strasser from Switzerland. Babu is mainly responsible for the orphanage and the care of the volunteers on site. Rita Strasser is responsible for finances, bookings and advertising. On site we are supported by our 5 motivated employees.

You can read more about our project here.